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Leading Digital Content as a Service.

Travel to surprise. Don´t discover your destination until 2 days before.

Sustainable Mobility services with the objective to contribute, in a profitable way, to develop the electric vehicle industry.

Is a technological company working on intelligent wireless sensors addressing Smart Cities, Smart Traffic, and Smart Industries.

Free mobile app for IOS and Android that offers and find services next to you.

We produce transparent glass that generates clean and free electricity from the sun.

The complete guide for financing energy efficiency.

Collaboration and communication platform that provides a single place for shared tasks, discussions, filesharing, group chat and HD videoconferencing.

We match you with the best jobs available and help you secure the role that’s right for you.

Leading technology provider specialized in ancillary revenue solutions for airlines.

Helping hundreds of thousands of payers from 220 countries and territories make international payments.

Community of professional doctors and users dedicated to improving general well-being.

We provide to our clients the best options for marketing and advertising, always a step ahead with user interactivity.

Online multiplayer games for Facebook, Android and Iphone.

Helping businesses to extract actionable data from conversations in socialnetworks, through our semantic technology.

Discover new places and share your travel experiences.

Jetlore's AI Driven Prediction Platform empowers retailers with the ability to predict exactly what content each customer will interact with.

Free app to save money on your phone bill.

Functional footwear for smart humans.

Educational Games, Picture dictionary, language learning videos, songs for children

Web Development bootcamp y cursos en UX/UI design

The ultimate fashion social network where you can shop online, earn money by generating sales and find out your friends and instagramers looks

Continuum Security provides the IriusRisk Threat Modeling tool to help you design secure software and manage it throughout the SDLC.

#NewSpace company.Developing rocket technologies to enable commercial Launch Services to #SmallSats at dramatically lower cost and increased capabilities.

Keatz is a network of ghost restaurants which cook exclusively for online orders.

We specialize in digital content protection.

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