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We invest in early-stage innovative companies that use technology to scale globally fast.

We look for insanely smart, driven founders chasing a potentially huge opportunity at the right time, with a superb product/tech and distribution, a scalable business model, generating cumulative advantages and usually some measurable traction.

Flywire. Flywire’s trusted and secure global payment platform keeps your money moving around the world. With their custom solutions, robust collections network...
Jobandtalent. Jobandtalent provides companies with experienced, pre-vetted workers on demand, handling interviews, paperwork, contracts and payroll, allowing their...
Voi. Voi gives you shared electric vehicles (scooters) for the big adventures or for the last few hundred meters.
Lingokids. Lingokids is changing the way young children learn, breaking down language barriers and helping provide equal opportunities to all kids around the wor...
Genially. The tool to create interactive communication experiences that inspire love to your audience.
Ironhack. Ironhack is preparing the next generation of digital creators with intensive courses in Web Development, UX/UI Design and Data Analytics.
Odilo. Odilo is the leading intelligent digital content lending and literacy enrichment solution.
Continuum Security. Continuum Security provides the IriusRisk Threat Modeling tool to help you design secure software and manage it throughout the Secure Development Life...
Atani. The all-in-one crypto platform: exchanges, wallets and taxes under one roof!
Ritmo. Growth capital for your ecommerce. makes customer service faster and smarter, removing frustration and saving people's time when interacting with a business.
Reveni. Instant refunds
Taxdown. With Taxdown you will be able to file your income tax return easily, saving time and money from deductions.
Chekin. Automation of the entire guest check-in process in hotels and tourist apartments, from booking to check-out.
Haddock. Haddock is the first foodservice software that improves smart cost control using Artificial Intelligence.
Kampaoh. Glamping.
Amphora Logistics. Logistics management software and services for commerce companies.
Jetlore. Jetlore's Prediction Platform empowers retailers with AI-driven content, by turning consumer behavior into actionable data about their customers.
Rice. Food delivery platform that focuses on authentic Asian restaurants and groceries.
Multiverse. The first quantum & quantum-inspired toolbox for finance.
Flanks. All your investments in one platform.
Rand. We combine blockchain, viral components, and savings to create a perfectly suited financial tool for young adults.
Vital. Your metabolic health coach.
Dudyfit. Digitise your personal trainer business and maximise your profits.
GoTrendier. Make money with your closet.
Yaba. We buy and grow your Amazon business.
Volava. Unlimited workouts from home
aplanet. Tech solutions for all things social responsibility and sustainability.
Rosita. Live to 100 with splendid health.
Emjoy. The audio guide for intimate wellbeing
Declarando. Online tax advisor for freelancers.
Biome Makers. Biome Makers is a biotech company born in Silicon Valley specialized in the identification and understanding of the microbiome.
Twenix. Online English conversation sessions of 26’ every day with teachers from around the world
Séntisis. Helping businesses to extract actionable data from conversations in socialnetworks, through our semantic technology.
Kymatio. Employee cyber risk management and human firewalls activation
Saluspot. Community of professional doctors and users dedicated to improving general well-being.
Nuna. Easy and affordable online therapy with certified psychologists, coaches and therapists is an Unsupervised AI platform for language understanding. Their technology is used to scale processes that deal with text, from surveys to ca...
BCN3D. BCN3D is one of the leading manufacturers of professional desktop 3D printers.
Prontopiso. Prontopiso sells your house in max 90 days with a guaranteed price from day 1.
WorldSensing. WorldSensing is revolutionizing the way cities and traditional industries manage operations. WorldSensing provides customers with the tools to make th...
PLD Space. PLD Space develops launcher technologies to provide suborbital and orbital commercial launch services, dedicated to small payloads and small satellite...
Smart Protection. Smart Protection keeps your online assets safe, tracking down and eliminating illegal copies of your assets through their technology platform.
Onyx Solar. Onyx Solar is the world’s leading manufacturer of transparent photovoltaic (PV) glass for buildings. PV Glass is used as a building material plus as a...
Waynabox. If you like being surprised, Waynabox is for you. Surprise trips around Europe from €150 including Flights + 3/4 star centrally-located hotels.
Dexma. Dexma provides flexible, cost-effective and integrated software and hardware tools that enable full visibility of energy consumption and costs.
Weplan. Weplan is the crowdsourced mobile data company.
Caravelo. Caravelo helps travel companies bridge the gap between 21st century airline customers and legacy systems by putting their platforms to work, being mea...
Playspace. Playspace creates exciting fresh takes on traditional and social casino mobile games.
Minube. At minube, we love traveling and discovering the most amazing places around the world, and we want to share our passion with you. Our team is dedicate...
Muroexe. Muroexe designs footwear and apparel that fuse technical sport features with a minimalist and elegant design.
Juno. Request and make fast, simple, and secure payments between friends and family, or businesses and customers.
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Cobugs. Cobugs empowers operations personnel to embed IoT into their processes with the simplicity of a spreadsheet. Cobugs is the first professional DiY tool...
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Going Green. Sustainable Mobility services with the objective to contribute, in a profitable way, to develop the electric vehicle industry.
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The Mad Video. A quick and easy way to tag people, products, places and music that appear in your video. More viewer engagement, more return on your video.
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AidA. Develop products and solutions in the field of Identification and Tracking using radio frequency technology (RFID).
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HeyGo. Free mobile app for IOS and Android that offers and find services next to you.
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Biicode. File-based dependencies manager that will make code reuse simple finally.
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21 Buttons. 21 Buttons is the fashion and clothing social network. Enjoy the social app for free and discover a trendy fashion shopping site where you will be abl...
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Keatz. Keatz is a family of virtual restaurants, providing your neighbourhood with contemporary dishes, made especially for delivery so that everything arriv...
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Redbooth. Redbooth helps teams manage tasks and communication so projects gets completed faster and easier.
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